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News! - FEB 2011 - New CNC Machined, Black Anodized Hardware!

The RA/DEC Cable Replacement Kit comes in 3 flavors:

  1. Basic Kit (hole drilling required)
  2. Drill-Less Option (with drill-less adapter blocks)
  3. Right-Angle Cable Plugs (straight plugs are standard)

All kit versions now use a redesigned CNC machined, black anodized Pier Mounting Plate. Not only does it look terrific, but the back of the plate has been machined so that it sits flush on the curved surface of the Electronics Pier (the previous design required silicone caulking to disguise the "gap" on the sides of the plate).

Shown Here: Drill-Less and Right-Angle Plug options

Drill-Less Option:

First introduced in March 2010, the Drill-Less Adapter Blocks eliminate the need to drill a hole in the side of each motor housing where the male chassis connectors will mount.

Since this option was introduced, 9 out of 10 kit buyers have purchased the "drill-less" option. With this option, average installation time is only 60 minutes!

New in FEB 2011, the drill-less adapter blocks are now CNC machined and black anodize. The rear inside edge has also been contoured to match the curved surface of the rear of the motor housing.

Drill-Less Kit Components


   Drill-less - Standard (straight plug) Cables                                                                               Drill-Less - Optional Right-Angle Plugs

Note to users of the Polar Alignment Scope: This will need to be removed prior to operating the mount. The Polar Scope will interfere with the Drill-less Adapter Block. You also may want to consider using the mount's built-in Polar Alignment Utility. It is far more accurate than any Polar Scope I have ever used and also compensates for "Cone Error" that occurs when the telescope is not perfectly aligned with the mount's saddle plate.

Basic Kit

The basic kit requires holes to be drilled in the side of each motor housing where the male chassis connectors will mount.

The kit includes:

Kit components: As pictured above but drill-less adapter blocks are NOT included

NOTE: Not shown in this photo are the new CNC machined pier mounting plate which are now standard on ALL kits

Right-Angle Plug Option

At least 80% of kit buyers choose this option. Aside from the nicer aesthetic appearance, the right-angle plug allows the cable to "hug" the mount. In other words, the cables don't stick way out in mid air. They are also able to be 3" shorter (less is better).





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