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CGE Upgrade Kit Pricing ($ Canadian Funds)

How to buy  ?

RA/DEC Cable Replacement Kits

Basic Kit :

Basic Kit Cost (basic kit requires holes to be drilled):              $ 340.00 *

* price is $ 325.00 if ordered with both Drill-Less and Right-Angle Cable Plug Options (95% of kit buyers ask for both options).             

Shipping: (US and Canada*)                                                        $   29.00 (US & Canada)

Optional Components:

Drill-Less Adapter Blocks (eliminates need for hole drilling)     $   92.00

Right-Angle Cable Plugs (exchange price):                       $    77.00


New!  Mount Control Kits

Kit # 1: Hand Control / AUX1 / AUX2

Basic Kit:                                                                                            $ 190.00

Shipping: (US and Canada*)                                                             $  29.00

Optional Components:

GPS Cord:                                                                                $   28.00

4' HC/GPS Extension Cord:                                                   $   38.00

"Phone Plug" Adapter:                                                            $   32.00


Kit # 2: PC Port / Guide Port / Power Supply Cord

Complete Kit:                                                                            $ 240.00

Guide Cable Options:

-    Standard ST4 - included in kit price   

-    ST-7-RC                                                                             $  10.00 (exchange price)

-    Lodestar (Starlight XPress)                                             $   35.00 (exchange Price)

Shipping (US and Canada)*:                                                    $  32.00

*Shipping Methods: (48 States & Canada, Hawaii & Alaska extra)

USA:  Expedited Parcel: 3-5 business days (depending on location) - Tracking # Available

Canada: XpressPost: 1-3 business days (depending on location) - Tracking # Available

Shipping Outside USA and Canada?:

UK, Norway, Sweden and. Netherlands: 1st Class Air Mail service (no tacking #) is approx. the same cost as prices shown for US and Canada. Delivery time is typically 7-10 days. If you require a tracking # the cost will be significanly higher.

Please contact me for a shipping quote


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The service I provide is a semi-not-for-profit service to my fellow CGE owners.  As such, I cannot make any guarantees other than the kit will work if installed correctly.

I do not attempt to make a profit, but I do not want to lose money either. So, the fee I charge is based on a minimum wage (kit construction only) plus the real cost of parts, sales taxes, finace cost, shipping, and other shop supplies. The things I do NOT charge for are considerable. For instance: free advice, writing manuals, R & D, website, etc., etc.

It is my sincere hope that you will not have a need for my services, but if you do, consider that making these kits easy for you to install means more work at my end. This explains why, even at minimum wage, the kits are not inexpensive.

CGE Kit Prices