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For those of you who have never heard of Starfest, National Geographic lists Starfest as one of the top10 star parties in the world. This year Starfest celebrated its 30 year!

For the past 2 years (2010 & 2011) my good friend, Dave Yates, and myself were honored to be guest speakers. Although still fairly new to the hobby (7 years now) we have gained a reputation as the "go-to guys" for solutions to some of the most common ailments that plague amateur astronomers. The MacGyverers of astronomy equipment so to speak.

Our topic for the past 2 years was "Necessity if the Mother of Invention" and 2011 was the "sequel".

Our focus was to give you a taste of what can be accomplished by a personal of average handyman skills using tools commonly found in a home workshop. We featured several projects that are not commercially available and if you need it, you'll have to make it yourself.

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We invite you questions and are eager to help you get started.


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