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What People Are Saying

"I love a story with a happy ending" is what I tell people when they contact me after their kit is installed.

I have been building these kits for over 3 years now and I have many "good news" stories to share. There are too many to show, but here are but a few:

David L of Ohio Writes:
"After a careful review of your mail message from the shipping confirmation you’d sent earlier I put everything out on the desk and set the mount up to use it as a workstand. Tools, supplies, your components, etc.

I was pleased at the buildup quality of the connectors, shrink wrapping, machining and anodizing of the motor junction blocks and electronics pier jack block. Did you do it all yourself? (soldering, machining of the blocks) If you did, my faith in North American craftsmanship is restored. If not, you certainly chose the right supplier.  

Your instructions were obviously rigorously developed through many customer experiences. I followed along, but what I saw when I opened things up was pretty much an affirmation of what I expected to see; and how I expected your parts to swap out with the manufacturer’s components. I used some patches of foam to stabilize the wiring harnesses in the motor bays. I was so confident of your “connector for connector” workflow, I put drops of liquid lock-tight on the jack block nuts and bolts, buttoned it all up and put away my tools.   Without any fuss at all, I hooked up the cables, powered the mount, did an initialization, an indoor two-star alignment with a simulated three-star mount calibration, returned the mount to park, shut it off and started waiting . . . for dark!"

David also took pictures during the installation: Slide Show

Coleman F of Spain writes:

"I am pleased to say that the CGE is at last up and running. After years of frustration and many choice, the whole system is working perfectly. Just want to thank you for producing and supplying the cables to me. "

Al A of Colorado writes:

"Just wanted to let you know I spent my first cup of coffee this morning installing one of Gary Bennett's drill-less cable replacement kits on my trusty CGE. I hadn't been having major problems but every now and then the mount would take off ( typically just after a 6 star alignment or just after I had an object exactly where I wanted it to start an image run I just thought I'd take the time to thank Gary for taking the time to engineer such a well thought out modification… Well Done !!!

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here but for those that don't know… after doing this install, I can see that this kit is basically a must have if you own a CGE. The quality is first rate, the install is a snap… It took me a little over an hr with lots of breaks to clean, tighten position sensors and generally look things over while I did the mod. Bottom line, I'm sure I've increased the value and the reliability of the CGE by who knows how much.

After the install, I did a fake alignment ( hard to do a real align at 10AM ) and started tracking… during the track I pulled on the cables, tried to simulate a cable hang-up etc. and the mount didn't skip a beat. How many of you with the old Ethernet cables would have the guts to try that during an image run? My advice is if you don't have one of these kits, take the next full moon week and install one. If you want a CGE that doesn't give you fits and gives you the reliability that Celestron should have provided in the first place, make it happen! You'll never regret it.
Susan S of Texas writes:
"I wanted everyone who is considering installing Gary's Cable Kit, but are hesitating because they are aftraid they'll fry their CGE, to know that it is extremely easy to install. I don't want to offend my sister CGE owners by saying that "Even a girl can install this kit", but .... it's true (her words, NOT mine).

In my preretirement days, I handled cable harnesses and boards, but I've never attempted to take apart working computers or any other electronic devices. I was scared to death that I would ruin my CGE, but the short and long slews, plus a few runaways slews here and there, made the decision to purchase Gary's kit easy for me. The installation process was very straight forward and intuitive. I used the drill-less adapter block option, followed Gary's instructions, labeled all cables, and had no problems. My only question concerned whether I correctly installed the RA/DEC plate to the electronics pier. Since there wasn't a side view photo to compare my handiwork to, I emailed a digital photo to Gary and he promptly responded that everything was correct.

The installation process took me 90 minutes. Least evening I completed a 2+4 alignment, slewed many times between M42 and Saturn, and the CGE performed perfectly for the first time in a very long time. Thank you Gary!


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